Ask Colin

What indicators should I use in forming a trading plan to identify buy and sell signals?

The straight answer to this question is that there is a whole range of ways you can determine buy and sell signals. I don't use any indicators at all in my trading plan. However, some people are more attuned psychologically to the indicator approach.

I cannot tell you what ones you should use. Not because I don't use them myself, but because I am sorry, but you have to think this through for yourself. They have to fit in with your strategic approach to trading and the other tactical elements in your plan.

The one contribution that I can make is to teach you what should be in a trading plan and why. This is why I started teaching my trading plan in seminars and now on videotape while I am concentrating on other projects. The seminar videotape teaches my approach as a model for you to use as a base for developing your own plan. Details are on my free access web site