Ask Colin

I am trying to re-create the moving average envelope in MetaStock 7.03. Can you help?

I have never used Metastock, so I do not know how to do the same thing in that software. However, if it helps, you want to draw 22 day EMA, then you want an envelope that is a given percentage either side of it.

So, if the EMA value is 100 and the envelope is to be 20% above and below, the value of the upper line will be 120 and the lower line will be 80.

I will be posting your question on my web site and I will encourage readers to let me know if they can assist you.

You could also try FAQ etc on the Equis web site. This technique is very common and taught extensively by Dr Alexander Elder in the US (though he uses Windows on Wall Street software). Someone must have worked out how to do it in Metastock.