Ask Colin

I looked up the NTA figure for a company in two sources and the figure shown was significantly different. Which is right?

The difference probably lies in in the accounting approach and definitions used. I would guess that one is a Net Assets figure and the other is a Net TANGIBLE Assets figure - in other words that the second is only the tangible assets value - the Net Assets (Total Assets minus Total Liabilities) LESS the Intangible Assets.

You could look to see whether the sources have definitions stated. Otherwise, you may need to go to the company's web site and find their annual report and see if you can work out what the two figures are.

You could always ask the sources how they define their figures. Sometimes they will be able to refer you to a definition, or to someone who can explain it to you. However, I find it is better to do your own work in these situations, at least then you know what you are doing.