Ask Colin

Where on the Ninemsn Finance site can I find the 10 years historical data?

This is how you find historical data on ninemsn:

Go to

Enter a code eg BHP

Click on Historical Financials on the navigation bar at the left.

You will find that since I wrote the Shares Charting Guide and Mini Course, Ninemsn have contracted the historical financials from 10 years to 6 years. If a stock has been listed less than 6 years, there will be fewer than 6 years of data.

This change is most inconvenient. I find that Ninemsn play some kind of game where they regularly change the location of this data and how much they provide. I often go to find it and discover that I have to search for it again. The above information on how to find it is current to 27.11.02.

To get 10 years historical financials, you will need to go to and register. It is free for 14 days, thereafter there is a small annual fee.