Ask Colin

Is it possible to get a synopsis of FIN231 Technical Analysis and Short Course 9063 Specialised Techniques in Technical Analysis?

I do not have a synopsis of the subjects as such in digital form that I could easily send you, but their scope is described by the topic headings which are:

FIN231 Technical Analysis

Background to Technical Analysis

Dow Theory

Short-term Bar Chart Analysis

Longer-tern Bar Chart Analysis

Volume and Open Interest

Chart Patterns

Introduction to Indicators

Trend Following Indicators

Momentum Oscillators

Other Trend and Momentum Indicators

Bringing it all Together

Short Course 9063 Specialised Techniques in Technical Analysis

Candlestick Charting

Steidlmayer Distribution Analysis

Point and Figure Charting

Fibonacci Sequence and Cycle Theory

Gann Techniques

Elliott Wave Theory

Money Management, Psychology and Trading Strategy