Ask Colin

What do I get on your subscription web site?

At present (January 2003) there are 329 items on the subscription web site. More items are added every month.

These comprise articles, columns and a mini course.

The articles and columns that I write for Fairfax publications (Shares magazine, BRW magazine and the quarterly Shares Charting Guides are put on the subscription web site three months after publication. The Technical Analysis articles are posted at the end of every month, as I write them. Anything else I write is posted soon after publication.

About 40% are columns in which I give my view on current markets and specific stocks. As they are posted three months after publication, they are really out of date. However, I was persuaded by readers that they were a really useful resource of case studies in my methods. They show a chart of the market or stock as it was at the time and what I thought about it and why. Readers can easily see what actually happened.

I think you will gain a lot from the subscription web site, which represents extraordinary value compared to buying a set of books of similar length.

To see what is there, just go to and click on CONTENTS ... at the bottom right of the home page. Everything that is on the subscription web site is listed there. You can also read some examples of each type of article or column.