Ask Colin

What do you think of the EZ PnF point & figure software, recently reviewed in TA of Stocks & Commodities magazine compared to MetaStock?

I have not had an opportunity to test it. However, I have read the review and it looks good on paper. Of course, how it runs is another thing and may be in the mind of the beholder. My biggest concern is that many people just will not run a DOS program. Bill Gates has taken over the world unfortunately.

Assuming the review is correct that it uses what the reviewer calls the Wheelan/Wyckoff one-box reversal charting method, it is to be preferred over Metastock, who use the incorrect method of drawing one-box charts in apparent imitation of CompuTrac before they corrected their software. There is no support that I am aware of in the literature of the subject for the Metastock method of drawing one-box charts. However, they do draw multi-box reversal charts correctly, as far as I can see.