Ask Colin

Where I can find breadth data like the advances and declines for the Australian All Ordinaries and sector indexes?

The advance decline data is published in the Australian Financial Review each day Tuesday to Saturday. There is a week summary on Monday, but you have to add them up to get the All Ords.

The AFR publishes data for the Industrials sector, Mining sector and Oil and Gas sector. The total is also published (All Ords) except Monday.

The AFR also publishes Rolling Year Records, which is used for the New Highs - New Lows studies. See my article to be published in April 2001 Shares magazine.

It is also possible with some software packages to calculate the daily advances and declines by sector and also the 52 week new highs and lows. You need to be careful with your definitions for the filters though.

Some data vendors also publish advance decline data. I use Almax and am suspicious of some, but not all of their series, where they only take the stocks actually in the index. I believe that this defeats the purpose of the study. Make sure you use the series, which is all stocks in the market or all stocks in the sector. You need to do your own checks of the integrity of the data series from other vendors. I have not looked at them.