Ask Colin

Have the Coppock Indicators for the S&P500 and ASX All Ordinaries Indexes turned up at April 2003?

You can track this for yourself from the Data Files page on my free access web site. I update the spreadsheets there at the end of each month.

S&P500 Index

It turned up in January 2002, but turned down again in June 2002.

It turned up again in November 2002, but turned down again the next month

It has turned up again in April 2003

As to interpretation of this, I am sorry, but I cannot comment legally to individuals. However, the discussion on page 37 of the Shares Charting Guide March-August 2003 is relevant.

You may also want to follow my views in BRW each week.

ASX All Ordinaries Index

It is yet to turn up.