Ask Colin

What software do you use to get your lists of stocks making 52-week new highs?

I use Insight Trader charting software or Bernard Chapman 02 47512932.

It will do the 52 week new high scan. What is nice is that it lets you set up a slide show of charts for the list that emerges from the scan. You can also look at Pe Ratio, Dividend Yield and price/NTA at the same time as the chart.

You could filter out low volume stocks easily enough if you want by just adding another line in the scan filters. I don't bother to filter out the low volume stocks, because in the present market I am only getting a few thinly traded stocks that are easily just passed over as the come up.

Another good scan for finding uptrending stocks is simply any stock that is above a moving average like 30 weeks, 40 weeks, or my favourite 52 weeks. It brings up a bit more rubbish, but sometimes finds a few stocks that the other scan does not find.

By the way, 52 week new highs are published every day in the Australian Financial Review.