Ask Colin

I only take the weekend AFR, is a weekly advance-decline line OK?

I did some work myself years ago on the weekly advance-decline versus the daily advance-decline line. I did this because I thought it might give better signals, not because I did not have the data for the daily line.

I found little difference in the overall picture from the two lines. I therefore abandoned the weekly line, because it was not worth the work to calculate it. You see, there is no published weekly advances and declines. You have to do it by hand unless you have a computer data base. You have to add up by hand all the weekly rises and all the weekly falls in the Weekly Move column. Note that the +/- column published on Saturday only relates to Friday - i.e. Friday close compared to Thursday close. To do a weekly advance decline, you have to compare Friday's close with the previous Friday's close. This is done in the table published on Monday in the AFR.

I suggest you get Monday's AFR, which has a summary table showing the data each day of the previous week.