Ask Colin

Can I chart the Coppock Indicator from the spreadsheet on your web site?

Yes. All you need to do is construct a line chart of the right hand column in the spreadsheet against the Date column. This can be done in Excel and similar spreadsheet software.

You can also import the Date and right hand columns into charting packages. The way this is done will vary depending on the format required by the charting software. I am not aware of how to do this, so you will need to refer to manuals, or ask someone who is experienced with it. I use Insight Trader software, but there is no need to import the data, because Insight Trader will construct the Coppock indicator itself.

There is a MetaStock formula for the Coppock indicator on my web site in Newsletters No 1 and No 30. Using this and the spreadsheets that explain the detailed calculations, it should be possible to program other software to draw the Coppock providing they allow you to write your own formulas.

Failing all that, it is not impossibly difficult to put the Coppock data into a charting package by hand. There is only one figure you need to enter for each month from the spreadsheet.