Ask Colin

How can the Advance-Decline line be superimposed on an index chart in Insight Trader?

Using the All Ordinaries Index (XAO) as an example and assuming that the Advance Decline file is named ASXAD:

I will do it with speedkeys, which is the easiest and fastest method, but it can all be done from the toolbars or dop down menus if you prefer.

Launch Winit


v (removes the subchart)



Enter (The last three steps may not be necessary if XAO is your default security)

+/= (the key with the plus sign above the equals sign)

Make sure "Close dialog on acceptance" is tcked and the "Chart in new window" radio button is selected



Click the Horizontal Tile button

Both charts must cover the same time period.

If the Advance Decline chart does not cover the period you want:



enter the start date as ddmmyy


If the index chart does not cover the same period already:

Click on the blue title bar for the lower (index) window



enter the start date as ddmmyy


Click on the blue title bar for the upper (advance decline) window.(This will make the index chart the active window. I like it like that, because the overlaid chart will have the price scale for the index rather than the Advance decline line chart.)

Click the Overlay Charts button

You should now have the Advance decline line superimposed on a bar chart of the index. You can now change this chart arrangement and bring it back updated any time you want.