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Do you know anything about Star Trader Software?

Do you know anything about Star TraderSoftware?

I have not seen Star Trader myself. However, from a search of the Internet, it emanates from a company called MCI Technologies Pty Ltd, but there is also a link to Micro Corporation. Micro Corp used to market its software under the name of Blue Chip Trader.

On my website are two Q&As about Blue Chip Trader at Ask Colin/Software/page 2. I suggest that anyone thinking of buying Star Trader, or anything like it should read these answers and the articles from the Australian Financial Review that they refer you to. You should also read the article on my web site Articles page on Computerised Trading Systems and the ASIC warnings that are also on that page.

I am extremely sceptical about the usefulness of any computerised software other than toolbox-type charting packages and doubt that expensive software packages are good value for money. You need to make your own examination of them and assess the alternatives. Buy in haste, repent at leisure...