Ask Colin

Can you recommend a book to help me develop or learn to develop a trading plan?

I have not come across a book that I think adequately does what you want. The absence of such a book is one reason that I taught my weekend seminars. The videotape of my seminar is available through my web site

Garnett Znidaric also teaches a seminar that is useful in this respect and quite complementary to what I teach. I publicise his seminars in my regular newsletters.

In your full question, you said you had limited capital and could not afford seminars. Fair enough, but there simply is not the ideal book out there.

I think the ones that come closest are:

Dr Alexander Elder Come Into My Trading Room

Van K Tharp Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom.

However, I think there is much more to it than either of these books cover, which is the reason I developed my seminar and am writing a book on the subject. It is going to be published progressively on my subscription web site from December 2003.