Ask Colin

Is there a code for the Advance-Decline data, or how can I get it?

It will depend on your data vendor.

Almax have codes for the data and it is therefore in a file after your download. I no longer use Almax, so you will need to talk to them about it.

Dial&Chart (now Vestdata) provide that data on their Market Summary screen. You will need to then put the data into a file manually. This has some advantages over Almax, because you can keep the data in the format you charting package wants, whereas Almax mandates a format.

Other data vendors will do it different ways and some may not do it at all.

A big problem is that there is no established methodology for this data. Each source will tend to give different data. Almax have also made a logic error in one of their series by providing the data only for the stocks in the index, which is wrong - the whole idea of the indicator is that it be the entire plurality of stocks on the market.

The data is also published in some newspapers - the Australian Financial Review is the one I am familiar with and is quite reliable.