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Can Insight Trader scan for stocks that break above a moving average?

Can Insight Trader scan for stocks that break above a moving average?

Yes it can.

One of my standard scans is for stocks that are currently above a moving average. I use a 260 day moving average. My scan finds any stock that closed today above the moving average. The scan formula for the System Module is: C(D):>:MC(260,D)

You mentioned Weinstein. He uses a 150 day moving average. In that case the scan would be C(D):>:MC(150,D).

Now, the problem with this is that the stock could be in any of Weinstein's stages. For my purpose, that is not important and I can screen out ones that are not in stage two really quickly by eye.

However, you might want to run the scan regularly looking for just stocks that have crossed to above the moving average today, or this week, or the last five days and so on.

The formula to scan for stocks where today's close penetrated up through the 150 day moving average would be: C(D):^:M(150,D).

It is also possible to set up a template that closely matches the Weinstein screen. You set up one window with a weekly bar chart and 150 day moving average, with volume in the subchart. Then you set up another window with the relative strength line in it and position it exactly below the first window. If this is saved as a Saved Chart, it can be recalled at any time. Then, just change the stock in each of the two windows and you have the Weinstein screen.

The only wrinkle is that Weinstein's relative strength line is a proprietary formula. However, the standard formula in Insight Trader will do the job.