Ask Colin

Can you suggest books or videotapes to help me trade with moving averages?

Most of the textbooks on technical analysis will have chapters on moving averages. Two of the best textbooks are:

John Murphy Technical Analysis of the Finacial Markets

Martin Pring Technical Analysis Explained

Dr Alexander Elder has a method based heavily on moving average envelopes in his book Come Into My Trading Room, which I recommend for much more as well.

There are articles about moving averages which I have published in the ATAA Journal.

There are some videotapes in the ATAA video library. The ones by Berovic stand out in my mind, but I cannot recall now which tape. Look for the review of those tapes that I think was published in the ATAA Journal at one point.

There are some Q&As on moving averages on my free access web site in the Ask Colin section.

There are some articles on moving averages on my subscription web site.

Dawn Bolton-Smith has some interesting ways of using triple moving averages. Look for her articles in back issues of Your Trading Edge magazine.