Ask Colin

Is the portfolio that you disclose on your web site real money, or just on paper?

The portfolio on my web site is a real one. It is a legal document that discloses my position (if any) on stocks I write about - that is its one and only purpose. It is emphatically not a recommendation for anyone else to follow and that is not said wink, wink, nudge, nudge. I mean it. Nobody else is exactly the same as me and therefore their investment plan will need to be different to cater for their needs, resources, objectives, personality, risk tolerance and so on. By all means research my stocks to see if they have a place in your own portfolio, but that is a decision only you can make with proper advice. I have no reference point for advising anyone, do not want to and cannot legally do so.

The portfolio is updated in real time - by which I mean that I update it within 24 hours of each change in the portfolio whenever possible. Most often it is updated within minutes of my receiving confirmation that the order has been filled. This ensures that whenever anyone reads something I wrote, no matter how recent or how old, they can check whether I have that stock in my portfolio. I am obliged to make such a disclosure by law.