Ask Colin

What industry experience do you have?

I began investing in the late 1960s and educated myself while I gained experience and built up my capital through investing my savings in the stock market.

In April 1987, I left my employment and my primary income was from investing and trading my own money. In 1988 and 1989, I had the opportunity to gain formal qualifications in what had always been my secondary income source. I completed the Securities Institute of Australia's Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment with distinction or credit results in most subjects. I also won the Futures prize. In 1989, the Securities Institute asked me to work on the task force for C2 and later I created E114 and E171 for them. The SIA made me a Fellow in 1995. I still lecture in E114.

From 1999, I have worked as a freelance financial journalist, writing for BRW, Shares, Shares Charting Guides, Shares Weekly and Your Trading Edge.This writing has been both educational and market comment. From 2003, as part of my responsibility to disclose my own holdings in stocks I might write about, I have published my portfolio on my web site in real time, showing dates each stock was bought and sold.

While my writing income has grown, my prime source of income is from managing my own investments. I also manage a small portfolio for a close personal friend on an unpaid basis.

I have never needed to, nor sought to, work in the industry as I do not wish to advise people or to manage their money. Rather, my focus is on my own investments and passing on what I have learned to others.