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This website is an investment learning resource, based on my experience gained over 50 years investing in Australian stocks. My objective is to pass on what I have learned over a lifetime of investing. Rather than provide investment advice or recommendations, I want to teach how anyone can develop their own investment plan based on a margin of safety, learning how to make their own decisions in finding good stocks, assessing them for value and safety, buying them at a good price and managing risk. 

Stock market investors are invited to use the resources provided on this website to improve their investing knowledge and skills. Everything on the website (except for Michael Kemp's articles) is my copyright work. 

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There is a great deal of material on what was previously the Free website (Green menu items), including my Educational Articles and Michael Kemp's Articles, over 1,000 questions and answers in Ask ColinBook Reviews, a Glossary of terms, Recommended Reading and a Data Files page.