How I Use Insight Trader

On this page are instructions for some of the ways that I use Insight Trader charting software in PDF files with screenshots.

I need make clear that most of what will appear on this page is already available for purchase as audio-visual lessons from Bernard Chapman, who writes the software. He knows what I do and uses very similar methods himself. Call Bernard on 02 4751 2932 and have a chat to him about what he has to offer. He knows more about using Insight Trader than I will ever know. 

I am open to requests and suggestions for additions to this page from members of the paid website.  However, it must be something that I do in Insight Trader. I do not wish to get into the area of writing a general manual of how to use Insight Trader in instalments. Bernard Chapman has already done this and it may be purchased from him.

Coppock Indicator Charts
My chart arrangement shows the market index above the Coppock indicator in a rolling time window.
Importing Data
How to create a new file to be updated by hand and fill it with historical data
New High - New Low Index In The Australian Stock Market
This documemt explains how to implement Dr Elder and Kerry Lovvorn's e-book on the New High - New Low Index in Australia.
Overlay Chart - IPOs Vs XAO
I find it useful to have an overlay chart that shows the level of IPOs Vs the All Ordinaries index as we move through the Bull market cycle. This is how it is created.
Saved Chart Arrangement
This is my template, which I use to spawn more Saved Chart Arrangements for stocks that I hold or are on my watch list. I also use it as a template for my technical analysis and fundamental analysis filters.
Weekly Market Scans
I frequently run scans described in Building Wealth in the Stock Market, plus some other scans occasionally. These scans plus a scan for investment grade stocks are update weekly on the Weekly Market Scans page. This is how they are created.
Yearly Moving Averages
I like to have a yearly moving averge line on my long term monthly charts. Here is how I create them.