Investing General

I am gradually developing this page with articles about investing generally.

The articles on this page are my contribution to explaining various general aspects of investing in plain language for non-professional investors. 

Articles are in pdf files and are listed in alphabetical order.

I will announce additions to this page through What's New emails.

Bull and Bear Markets
Counter-Intuitive Thinking
Invest in Sound Businesses
Article written for the December 2015 Investors Voice (AIA)
Investing Successfully
A discussion of what is needed to be a successful investor
Market Depth and Market Liquidity
New Share Issues
Discusses the various ways in which new shares are offered to investors
An avoidable Investing Trap
Passive and Active Investing
Question the Experts
A Discussion of why experts make mistakes and how you can learn to do better than they do
Stock Prices and Market Indices
Takeovers - How to Invest for Them
Types of Analysis
A short article describing the two principal types of security analysis