Trading General

I am an investor, not a trader. An investor buys part ownership of a business and investment decisions are based on the performance of the business plus being able to buy at a reasonable price compared to value. I trader buys and sells stocks with a focus entirely on profiting from changes in the price of those stocks. These are quite different and equally legitimate ways to make money.

Over the years, I have read extensively on trading and some of the ideas around preservation of capital, money management and psychology are built into my investing. I have also worked in Traders Camps with my friend Dr Alexander Elder, who is in my opinion the best teacher of short-term trading in the world.

I have written some articles on trading over the years, which are on this page. As someone who has not been a trader, you may think I am not qualified to write on the subject. Judge the articles for yourself.

Becoming a Full-Time Trader
A discussion of what is required to succeed including how much capital is needed
How to Think Like a Trader
The ways good traders think, plus the ways poor traders lose
Trading Australian Shares
Text of an ATAA National Conference presentation on trading